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My name is Yulia Taits. I'm a graphic designer with extensive experience and talent in the design field. As my career developed I rapidly gained experience with photo manipulation and retouching professional pictures. Photoshop became a great passion to me. I worked in association with many Israeli television channels, newspapers, magazines and photographers. 

Three years ago I decided to take my profession another step and began photography myself. I quickly fell in love with the concepts of what it takes to capture beautiful works of art through photography. Concepts such as planning, searching for the perfect location that will allow you to use your surroundings and the lighting. Matching styles to your subjects is another important concept. I love the challenge of being creative. Once the photos have been taken I choose the best and utilize my skills with photoshop to capture that near perfect and unique picture.

I enjoy meeting the person I'm going to photograph and the process of getting to know them a little better. It is a honor for me when an individual or family gives the opportunity to share these exciting moments in their lives. I find great satisfaction that they trust me to document these very special moments.

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